ELAPunks v1.2 – last updated on 19.10.2021

What is the benefit? You fight for virtual rewards, whether this is money or expensive and rare equipment. As you requested, rewards are your thing. Train your punk to be the best!

You have an ELAPunk and don’t know what to do? You will be able to add your NFT to your account. This will be checked by our team and will separate your NFT through the essays. Sounds cool not?

I paid way too much for my ELAPunk. Your ELAPunk did not have a high sum for nothing. When you redeem your punk, various properties are added.

Does anything change? I have an ELAPunk but without trading card? No, everything remains the same. In the near future there will be a request form to exchange the ELAPunks for current cards.

My ELAPunk has no numbering The first 60 pieces were numbered. Of course, it has a lower value, but in the game you can redeem it. Don’t worry, once you redeem/register your ELAPunk, you will be assigned an automatic number. The number is counted as an award in the game. If you do not have one, you will not be able to wear a title.

And for all those who say; “who buys this shit? who buys these figures?” All the figures that are available in Pasar have unique features and equipment. The ELAPunks can be used and exchanged. All items are parts of the NFT‘s. Don’t worry, you have made a good value investment.

We are aware that this cannot be implemented as desired without updates to the Feeds app. We are excited and very convinced that this will be the case soon. Unfortunately, we now must confirm that we are technically less familiar with the Feeds network, as we also do not come from a similar field of work. We stand for a better, sustainable future and are ready to pass on all our suggestions and any tips to the developers.

ELA Punks is a project based on the Feeds and Elastos network. To keep this running as well as possible, we receive any support and help that comes our way.